Let's feel better, together

Stay in the loop on medications and the care of your loved ones, even when you can't be with them.

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Share the care plans for your loved ones with sitters and other family members. Everyone sees the same medication reminders, but only family members can change medications

Stay up to date, even without internet

Travelling somewhere without reliable internet? No problem! You can still keep in sync with your family medication schedules, and never miss a dose.

Allergy warnings in your caregivers hand.

If your loved ones have any allergies or special needs, you can leave them with a caregiver and feel confident that they will know exactly what your loved on needs.


Never worry about when to give medication again

Tended tracks the maximum number of doses over 24 hours (not just midnight to midnight like other apps) and the minimum time between doses, so you don't have to worry if it's ok to give your loved one their medication. Easy color-coding and early dose confirmation ensure that even if you haven't slept much, you can be confident about giving medication

Dose Reminders so you don't forget

Medication reminders make sure that even if you're busy, you won't forget to give an important medication. And if you still forget, we'll keep reminding you.